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In Prekmurje, where the warm sunlight in March, entices you to a walk through the vineyards and fresh spring herbs animate the fantasy of our kitchen crew, here, in this picturesque landscape, is our little winery located. The tender hills of Prekmurje and Goričko characterize the landscape and promises a new surprise every day.Here its like heaven on earth!

Back in the days of Maria Theresia we already had the best conditions in Goričko for growing excelent vines. Because of the sandy and loamy soil, the pannonian climate and with love to nature, we have been able to create a high quality wine.

Our grapes are harvested by hand and manufactured with extraordinary diligence in our new wine cellar. We give the wines enough time to mature in our barrique-, wooden- and nirosta barrels in order that the wine can develop it's own character.

»To make an excellent wine is an attitude to life and a fascinating endeavor, which is a new challange every day.« According to this motto, the vintner Jani Erniša fulfilled his dream, making a magnificent wine. We work daily as a team with pleasure and passion on the goal to make a great wine for every taste.
We are a modern traditional family, with an individual hand print and because of this, every wine has its own script and is made of old, typical and various vine varieties.

Vino Erniša – The taste of Goričko!


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