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The untouched landscape along the Mur river on the east side of Slovenia, is the country of the wide fields, the storks, the »Klapotec«, the watermills, the gentle hills, the termal water and certainly the vineyards. This is the place where the traditions are still cherished and the unique Prekmurian dialekt is passed from one generation to the next. Above all we are the country of the hospitable people.

We are famous for our thermal springs and the healing petrol water!

The natural health spa in Radenci has been spoiling guests for 120 years and is well-known for the »three hearts« mineral water. Enjoy the experience in the water park »Terme 3000« in Moravske Toplice, the numerous water attractions or relax in the spa area with its healing petrol water, which was discovered a 100 years ago by accident.

Find new aims for your well-being!

Discover the energetic points of Goričko and the hilly countryside in the corner of the three countries (Austria, Hungary and Slovenia). The sources »Ivanov izvir« and »Vidov izvir«, embedded in the forests of Goričko, are supposed to have a healing effect on your body. Every energetic point is for a different ache, illnes or addictness – your body will benefit from a day in the energetic forests.

Prekmurje offers a lot and much more!

A road leads from one point to another. The castles in our untouched region, are more than just points, because every house has in its walls one of the biggest secrets - the secret of it s time! In Murska Sobota, the biggest city in Prekmurje, is the ranaissance castle which is surounded by 200 year old oaks and houses the regional museum. The fully renovated castle of Rakičan is the home of the horse centre, which offers a great opputrunity to ride out and experience the wonderful panonnian lowlands. An important place for the storks in Prekmurje ist the biggest village in Goričko, called Grad. The village Grad, was named after the castle Grad, which is with its 365 rooms (days in the year) the biggest castle in Slovenia. The castle of Beltinci shines in new splendor and is a venue for ethnographic events where traditionally Prekmurian folklore is staged.

Two »must see's« of the sacred buildings is the church of the most popular architect in Slovenia, Plečnik, (student of Wagner) which is situated in Bogojina together with the romanian rotunda in the village Selo, which is the oldest building in Slovenia.

In our region the traditional handcraft is still alive - in Filovci the locals still do pottery and fire them theirselves in hand made furnaces in the prekmurian way. The floating water mill »Babičev mlin« in Veržej mills flour after the old procedure.

The villiges along the Mur river are connected with cycle-, hiking- and wineways. At the numerous ethnografic event you will experience the great variety of our traditions and habbits which we try to receive and maintain.

Discover our multifacated and wonderful region Prekmurje.


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